Sunday, 24 April 2011

some new things

I will have some original artwork and new greeting cards for sale at the Artists Open Shop next month.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Getting ready...

..."Bubbles" will soon be available as a limited edition Giclee print :)

...some new additions to the felt toy family.

...I found a lovely old suitcase in a local secondhand shop - perfect for my traveling knitted toys :)

My studio (and head) have been a complete mess, getting stuff ready for the Artists Open Shop "Into the Woods", which will take place in Kolkata Fairtrade shop in Brighton throughout the month of May. We're heading down tomorrow to set up, and I still have lots to do!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Spring news!

I've been loving these longer brighter sunnier Spring days :)
You may have noticed in my last and current "What I wore today" illustration that my belly is getting bigger. This is partly due to my love of ice cream, cakes and biscuits, but also because I am about 6 months pregnant! Our baby is due this Summer, and we are very very happy and excited :D
This is also the reason why I have been taking things a bit easier lately, although in typical unpredictable freelancing style, I am suddenly faced with a HUGE mountain of stuff to do, including preparations for an Artists Open Shop, illustrating a picture book for a Korean publisher, immediately followed by moving house, all to be done within the next month...I'm trying my best to stay calm!!!

My life by me

I worked on a book cover last month for Magination Press, from the American Psychological Association. It's an autobiographic scrapbook for kids with chronic or terminal illness. The text was beautifully written, using a tree as a metaphor for life. It was a powerful, moving and challenging project to be involved with, and I look forward to its release on 15th October 2011.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Into The Woods

I will be taking part in an Artists Open House "Into The Woods" in Brighton during the month of May, so have been busy busy preparing for it. I'm planning to include some original artwork, limited edition prints, greeting cards, felt toys and knitted toys for sale. 
Below are 3 small new illustrations...

...and here is a brown bear I knitted recently.

I went along last year and thought it looked great, so am super happy to be taking part in it this year :)
You can find out more information here, here and here.