Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Big Dinosaurrrr!

I've been meaning to get rid of all the little left over bits of wool I've had for ages by knitting something stripy. When I asked Oki whether he'd like a snake, dinosaur or a different animal with a really long tail, he said he wanted all of them, which wasn't very helpful!
So I decided to just start knitting to see what would happen...I think it's a Dinosaur of some sort. It's nice and big. We haven't properly named him yet, but here he is getting acquainted with his new housemates :)

Oki & Fred

Last Friday, we took part in Yasmeen Ismail's workshop to make your own paper dog, as part of the Imagine Children's Festival at the Southbank. Her book "Time for bed, Fred!" is one of our favourites, and I'm a huge fan of her work so I was very excited to find out she was running a workshop :)
We had great fun and came home with a bright colourful dog which Oki imaginatively named, Fred!

Lovely scribbles by the lovely Yasmeen!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bon voyage!

I made some more felt toys. Some of them are probably flying across oceans at this moment, on their way to their new homes. I wish I could have joined them, considering the weather we're enduring here at the moment...

Oki's tocks

Oki mimics what we do and what he sees. 
We live with a lot of clocks in the house, designed and handmade by my partner Sam. So it's only natural that they would appear in his play.
He calls them "Oki's tocks" :)

loooooooong word

I've made a new blog header, although admittedly, it's not that different from the previous one! It's still green with a bird and a speech bubble, but I had to get rid of some misleading text on the previous one. 

Anyways, look at this ridiculously long word that Oki uttered the other day! I can't even say it properly, but it's in one of Oki's dinosaur books that we've been reading recently, and he'd somehow remembered it and learned to say it much better than I do. How did that happen??