Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Trying to keep young one entertained during Summer holiday Pt 1

I've been chatting with the wonderful Rachael from Rogan's Books about possible workshop ideas for Bedford's children's book festival BookFest, which will take place later on this year. I missed it last year but am looking forward to visiting and hopefully taking part this year!!

I've decided the best way to work out some ideas is by experimenting and having some fun with my boys. Today we used some sheets of colour film I've had for years (and have moved from house to house never quite knowing what to do with them but not having the heart to let them go). I love what my little boy created with some stickers and a magic marker. The blue film is brilliant; perfect for creating an underwater seascape - dark, shiny and transparent all at the same time.

Only 5 more weeks to go...fingers crossed I won't have to rely too much on telly for a bit of sanity and peace in the house and actually be able to use our time constructively to be a little creative. Hahahaaa wish me luck!