Tuesday, 16 February 2010

midnight bus

Here is the piece (in progress) I will be using for the postcard/invite for the exhibition at 14th moon gallery in Osaka this Spring. It is inspired by a story written by my favourite Japanese children's author Aman Kimiko, titled "Mayonaka no basu" (Midnight bus).
If anyone can read Japanese, here is a little info about me on the gallery's website.
The exhibition will consist of works by 3 Japanese illustrators who exhibited at the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna children's book fair 2009. They are Michio Watanabe, Masumi Furukawa and me.

felt toys

Here are some felt toys I have made over the years. It all started off with Onionboy, and the elephant is the latest addition born just yesterday :)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

My village

I'm very happy to announce that the picture book I worked on for Gecko Press (NZ) will be available in the UK from the 9th of February!!
I really loved working on this book, which is a collection of nursery rhymes from around the world gathered by Dani Wright. I love seeing the rhymes written in their original language too. It's co-published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, who I've not had the chance to work with, but have met in the past when I was a fresh-faced graduate about 10 years ago!
Today I am not so fresh-faced, as I am working for a double deadline for next week. I'm putting in a lot of caffeine-fueled hours, staying up till the early hours and going slightly delirious from lack of sleep!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

more work in progress...

My studio and my head are a mess!
It's all a bit hectic and chaotic these days. I've got 2 months to bring it all together...fingers crossed!