Thursday, 4 February 2010

My village

I'm very happy to announce that the picture book I worked on for Gecko Press (NZ) will be available in the UK from the 9th of February!!
I really loved working on this book, which is a collection of nursery rhymes from around the world gathered by Dani Wright. I love seeing the rhymes written in their original language too. It's co-published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, who I've not had the chance to work with, but have met in the past when I was a fresh-faced graduate about 10 years ago!
Today I am not so fresh-faced, as I am working for a double deadline for next week. I'm putting in a lot of caffeine-fueled hours, staying up till the early hours and going slightly delirious from lack of sleep!


  1. Good luck with those deadlines, missus. And look after yourself with some nice food in amongst the coffees.

  2. I love it!!!!

    Do you have in spanish?

  3. I'm a dedicated eater of food so my belly is mostly happy whatever is going on :) Just looking forward to getting through this next week and getting my life back with lots of sleep!
    Ale - the book is published in New Zealand and UK as far as I know. There are many poems included in it from all over the world, but none in the Spanish language sadly. But it's a good way to discover lots of new languages and have fun trying to say the words or looking at the different characters.

  4. Thanks Mique! I received a copy of the FL edition today, very exciting! Though they never checked what to put in the author / illustrator bit at the back - funny isn't it! Would love some Spanish rhymes if Ale knows any - you never know, a publisher might like a second edition of them one day :o)
    Just back from a week's camping on the beach, was lovely!
    Dani xo