Monday, 27 September 2010

in my studio...

...pile of mess

...clean and tidy, but won't last for long...

...I'm enjoying colour :) paper collection :)

...oh no! I couldn't do it in attempt to illustrate 5 pieces for the Bologna exhibition in 5 days, mission impossible! I read "The stone raft" by Jose Saramago recently, which was full of wonderful imagery and inspired me to start creating these pieces. I'll finish them off when I have more time.

I'm having another exhibition in Japan in November at "Hankyu", a big department store in Osaka. I'll be exhibiting the same pieces as I did at 14th Moon earlier this year, as well as some mini new pieces of work which I am frantically working on now. I am also planning to get some Giclee prints done of my previous work. Oh, and I want to get some minicards made by the brilliant MOO, so I'm quickly working on some pieces for this too...frantic!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bicycle map project exhibition!

Here's the whole bicycle map in B/W, hooray! 
Mine is the second from left on the top row. I love seeing all the different styles and interpretations :)
The exhibition will take place 24th September-10th October, at a different location than I mentioned before, at Mein Haus am See in the Mitte District in Berlin. I don't think I will be able to go sadly (unless I win the lottery...sigh...) Please take some photos for me if you go, as I would LOVE to see all the pieces together in colour :)
You can find more pictures, videos and information (in German and Russian!) here.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ooh special magazine!

I got a lovely surprise through the post this morning, a copy of dpi magazine from Taiwan yay!
I'm featured in this special edition, titled "Fairyland of Bologna Illustration". It's a collection of work by illustrators selected for the Bologna Illustrators' Exhibition over the years. I'm so pleased to be featured amongst so many talented illustrators :)
I'm a HUGE fan of Kumi Obata. Her etchings are so so beautiful!

work in progress...

I'm almost there with the illustrations for my third picture book for Lion Hudson, hooray!
Here's a picture I took some days ago of my studio floor. My carpet is so very dirty, covered in all kinds of bits and pieces. I can't wait to make everything nice and clean once this is all over.

I love the light that comes in through our window on our staircase :)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

To the sea

I watched a beautiful Mexican film today called "Alamar". It's quiet, slow, tender and says so much without so many words. Beautifully shot, the characters, the sea and the mood are all still lingering in my mind. I loved it. 

Monday, 6 September 2010


Shopping in Spain.
I couldn't resist this beautiful picture book I found in a shop in La Alhondiga in Bilbao, titled La isla de los cangrejos, by Xavier Queipo and Jesus Cisneros.
I love it's simple colours and brush strokes, so so lovely.

I found these lovely packets of cigarette papers in a book market in Santander.

I'm looking forward to doodling and writing in this playful notebook.

holiday pics part 8

We played chess on the ferry. I won! :D