Sunday, 30 May 2010


I've been enjoying a bit of correspondence with the amazing Iranian illustrator Morteza Zahedi lately :)
I came across his work at the Bologna children's book fair some years ago, and have been a huge fan ever since. He has shared with me some of his latest work, a series of sculptures - quite different from what I have seen him do before, but still exciting and inspiring nevertheless. This is my favourite piece :)
It's always exciting to see artists work in a different medium - something I have been thinking about for quite some time now. I need to leave my comfort zone and try new things, make mistakes and new discoveries. I also want to go back to basics and start drawing from life again. I always have a sketchbook with me when I leave the house now - all I need to do is give myself some time to just sit and watch and draw the world go by...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

more toys!

It's official: I have developed a new addiction...sewing! Well, I suppose it's a lot healthier than some of my other addictions so it can't be a bad thing!
The elephants look so silly with their huge trunks :D

new book!

I received copies of my new book "Prayers for a better world" for Lion Hudson through the post today, hooray! It will be published in June.
I was working on it frantically last summer.
It's a bit of a strange one for me as I'm not particularly religious, but I guess that's one of the challenges of being an illustrator, to be able to tackle a range of subjects whilst maintaining my own style. Hopefully I'll be working on my third book for them this summer :)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

postcards for sale!

I've just listed 2 sets of 4 postcards for sale in my Etsy shop! You can find them here and here.

i like sewing

I haven't picked up a paintbrush since finishing my work for the exhibition over a month ago - that's the longest I've gone without making a picture in a very long time! Instead I've been enjoying a bit of sewing. Here are my latest felt creations. The green bear above I sent to a lady in Argentina, as part of the Art Exchange. I hope it reached her ok, and that he is happy in his new home :)