Sunday, 9 May 2010

i like sewing

I haven't picked up a paintbrush since finishing my work for the exhibition over a month ago - that's the longest I've gone without making a picture in a very long time! Instead I've been enjoying a bit of sewing. Here are my latest felt creations. The green bear above I sent to a lady in Argentina, as part of the Art Exchange. I hope it reached her ok, and that he is happy in his new home :)


  1. you have been doing just 2d, but this is so beautiful as well! and you can do some stop motion film about your little friends! what do you thing!(o:

  2. Love them all but, oh my, that elephant is just wonderful.


  3. They're all so adorable, but my personal favourite is the little dog in the dungarees. Do they all have names? :)

  4. A few people have mentioned animating them - seeing them move might be lots of fun! Sewing these little things brings a different kind of fun that I don't get when I work 2-dimensionally. Once I start stuffing them and see them take shape, some creatures actually makes me laugh out loud at how silly they look! It's all good fun :)

  5. And no, they don't really have names...I'm thinking eventually when they make their own merry little way into the world, their new owners can name them :)

  6. I like sewing too! These are really beautiful, very nice indeed!

  7. These are great and need to be in your shop!!

  8. hello mique!
    i recieved the beautiful green bear!!!!
    i'm very very very happy for him!!!! and your pic is so cute;
    all are very beautiful and very nice!
    i'm so glad!!! thank you :)

  9. Hi dear,
    How are you?
    I am morteza zahedi.
    I have looking Your dolls ,they are realy sweet and beautiful...
    I love them ;-)

    Please have a look my works in my website
    and have a contact with me
    hearing from you soon
    All the best

  10. I agree, you should sell them! That way I can purchase the lion in the top hat. He's quite the gentleman!

  11. thank yoooou!! soon soon, they will be in my shop :)