Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Mighty Cucumber Suit

The Cucumber Suit - the littlest's invention for a certain computer game. "It rolls down to squish people and bomp them out of the way" apparently :)

(You can see a little GIF I made over on my Facebook or Instagram page.)

Saturday, 26 May 2018


"He'll be so tired once he starts school" they said.
Nearly 3 years later and we still have sleep issues.

At least he can read or draw in bed now, but some nights he's still up 2 hours later unable to go to sleep.

And then some nights he's up in the night, scared to be on his own so I often just crawl into bed with him. Problem is, his bed is FULL. Not only am I sharing a bed with a wrigglesome child, there are reading books, an A4 sketchbook, sheets of paper and a clipboard, pencils and rubbers, torches, a lamp, a tissue box and a whole selection of cuddly toys - like some kind of weird nest.

Fortunately, I am too tired to care and sleep takes over, thankfully for him too.

(Similar sleep post here from over 4 years ago...)

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Mum Bag

I've seen all kinds of things being whipped out of a Mum Bag, to buy mum a bit of time so that she can have a conversation with a friend, sit through an assembly or sip that coffee in relative peace. Chances are slim but you gotta keep trying!

A Mum Bag is usually filled with:

- An array of snacks varying from good to bad, the bad snacks holding more bribery power. Don't show these too soon though, as you will end up with relentless pestering.
- A treasury of books.
- Enough stationery to hold a kids' crafty workshop.
- A “small” selection of their most essential and favourite toys.

When packing a bag, mum will try and prepare for every eventuality but sometimes even the enormous selection is simply not good enough for the little tyrant toddler. 

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Awkward Questions in Public Places

In the small shower cubicle at the swimming pool with my 2 curious boys.