Saturday, 26 May 2018


"He'll be so tired once he starts school" they said.
Nearly 3 years later and we still have sleep issues.

At least he can read or draw in bed now, but some nights he's still up 2 hours later unable to go to sleep.

And then some nights he's up in the night and scared so I often just crawl into bed with him. Problem is, his bed is FULL. Not only am I sharing a bed with a wrigglesome child, there are reading books, an A4 sketchbook, sheets of paper and a clipboard, pencils and rubbers, torches, a lamp, a tissue box and a whole selection of cuddly toys - like some kind of nest.

Fortunately, I am too tired to care and sleep takes over, thankfully for him too.

(Similar sleep post here from over 4 years ago...)

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