Thursday, 17 May 2018

Mum Bag

I've seen all kinds of things being whipped out of a Mum Bag, to buy mum a bit of time so that she can have a conversation with a friend, sit through an assembly or sip that coffee in relative peace. Chances are slim but you gotta keep trying!

A Mum Bag is usually filled with:

- An array of snacks varying from good to bad, the bad snacks holding more bribery power. Don't show these too soon though, as you will end up with relentless pestering.
- A treasury of books.
- Enough stationery to hold a kids' crafty workshop.
- A “small” selection of their most essential and favourite toys.

When packing a bag, mum will try and prepare for every eventuality but sometimes even the enormous selection is simply not good enough for the little tyrant toddler. 

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