Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The 5 Misfits

I treated myself to a beautiful picture book by Beatrice Alemagna called "The 5 Misfits". The illustrations are charming and full of character, delicate, rich, mischievous...I love her work so much! I don't get to good bookshops as often as I'd like to these days so feel a little out of touch with children's books and illustration but holding this book in my hands fills me full of joy and inspires me to pick up a pencil and paintbrush again...someday soon...

Squirty Bertie

Sorry for the long absence of posts...where did the last 2 and a half months go?? During that time I seem to have acquired some extra baggage under my eyes thanks to a couple of boys but not much else...
Saying that, I've been enjoying a bit of free time since my older boy started school and have been sewing some silly things. Here's an octopus as requested by the boy. We've named him Squirty Bertie :D