Wednesday, 30 October 2013

frog, tortoise and snail

I've been meaning to make Japanese flash cards for Oki for a while now, but keep on getting side tracked. With 48 characters in the Japanese syllabary, and some of the sounds changing by adding dots and little circles, it's a lot to take on and a bit daunting! 

I doodled some ideas for the letter "KA" (か) - かえる, かめ, かたつむり, かさ (frog, tortoise, snail, umbrella), and thought I'd just turn them into illustrations for now. Hopefully, type will follow one day soon...

Friday, 18 October 2013

pop up!

Made these funny little pop up cards for my nephew and niece last night, as it's their birthdays coming up. They are pretty simple and basic but I really enjoyed doing something a little different! What I envisioned was a leg to come flying out when you opened the card, but with no experience or knowledge in this field, we settled for something much simpler.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Let's make a cake

I received copies of "Let's make a cake" this morning. I worked on this Korean picture book for Froebel over 4 years ago, so it took a long time to reach me!

fuzzy buzzy

The bees are back home! Thanks to those of you who made it to the show.
Someone is very happy to have these little fuzzy buzzy creatures home. They have been enjoying numerous train rides since their return :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Oki loves picking and gathering on our walks. Autumn is so rich in colour and treasure, and I always think they look so lovely in his toy train carriage. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Go see the Bees!

It's the last few days of the "Bees In The Woods" so go check it out! 
Dare I mention it in October?...You can even start your Christmas shopping early and pick up an original handmade treat, ooh!

We have a selection of bespoke handcrafted Bee Bags (Oki loves his, and fills it full of toys for every outing), screen printed "B" bags, and I have just knitted a big brown bear, who will hopefully be there to say hello tomorrow. 
You will also find a whole range of lovely goodies by top talented people :)

Tomorrow, Professor Dave Goulson (founder of Bumblebee Conservation Trust and author of A Sting In The Tale) will be at the ONCA Gallery between 4-6pm for book signing and Q&As about how we can reduce the bee decline.

We won't be able to make it, but hopefully my brown bear will be there taking notes.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bees In The Woods

Buzz buzz buzz! The Bees In The Woods show is now open!

You can see my new Bee illustrations, as well as my usual knitted and felt creations, a few Giclee prints and some original artwork, alongside our brand new Bee Tote Bags - a first time collaboration between me and my partner. 
Sam translates my illustrations into vinyl cuts, and hand lays each design, making each bag a one-off. It's fun for both of us; a novelty to see my work on a different surface, and a more loose and fluid way of working for him.

The Private View night was packed and lots of fun :) Really lovely to meet other artists and take a look at their work - once things calmed down a little!
I loved these charming pieces by Emily Warren (Bear) and Marymoox (Creatures in boxes), and Mia Underwood's Flying Goose was stunning!