Monday, 7 October 2013

Bees In The Woods

Buzz buzz buzz! The Bees In The Woods show is now open!

You can see my new Bee illustrations, as well as my usual knitted and felt creations, a few Giclee prints and some original artwork, alongside our brand new Bee Tote Bags - a first time collaboration between me and my partner. 
Sam translates my illustrations into vinyl cuts, and hand lays each design, making each bag a one-off. It's fun for both of us; a novelty to see my work on a different surface, and a more loose and fluid way of working for him.

The Private View night was packed and lots of fun :) Really lovely to meet other artists and take a look at their work - once things calmed down a little!
I loved these charming pieces by Emily Warren (Bear) and Marymoox (Creatures in boxes), and Mia Underwood's Flying Goose was stunning!

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