Monday, 27 September 2010

in my studio...

...pile of mess

...clean and tidy, but won't last for long...

...I'm enjoying colour :) paper collection :)

...oh no! I couldn't do it in attempt to illustrate 5 pieces for the Bologna exhibition in 5 days, mission impossible! I read "The stone raft" by Jose Saramago recently, which was full of wonderful imagery and inspired me to start creating these pieces. I'll finish them off when I have more time.

I'm having another exhibition in Japan in November at "Hankyu", a big department store in Osaka. I'll be exhibiting the same pieces as I did at 14th Moon earlier this year, as well as some mini new pieces of work which I am frantically working on now. I am also planning to get some Giclee prints done of my previous work. Oh, and I want to get some minicards made by the brilliant MOO, so I'm quickly working on some pieces for this too...frantic!!

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