Sunday, 31 May 2009


I was so happy when I found out my work was selected as part of the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2009. I worked on 2 new pieces to add to the 3 pieces from the Greenwich exhibition, to make a new set of 5. 
I've been submitting work to Bologna every year since 2003, but never made the selection. Typically, this was the one year when I couldn't make it to the annual Children's book fair, as I had made other plans. Thank you to Justine from Arena, Yeshil from Yeowan Media and Asano-san from Hisakata Child for taking photographs from the exhibition :)


  1. ciao mique here is federico, very nice pictures both the ones of your trip in japan and these works submitted for bologna. well done

  2. Mique! Your pieces are stunningly inspiring - incredible work as always - I can't wait to hear of the new book either - keep me posted, k? xo