Tuesday, 13 July 2010

London Drawing

Yesterday I went to an amazing experimental life drawing workshop run by London Drawing, which took place in the Tate Modern after closing hours. We had the luxury of having the Turbine Hall and bridge to ourselves, and it was a little overwhelming at first trying to capture the huge space that surrounded us - the models looked so tiny! But they also looked very dramatic and the whole thing was like stepping into a performance piece.
I've always loved life drawing but this workshop was so different and exciting, and I left feeling really inspired. It feels great to make pictures in a completely different way to my normal work.
I've rediscovered my love of drawing!


  1. Hey Mique, sounds amazing and yes slightly scary, it's a MASSIVE space. Although 'interesting' is not always seen as a positive comment, I DO mean it as one. It's always slightly disconcerting to see someone working in a different method and you have to take time to re-adjust the head space you give them. I like the use of white space to establish the space in the gallery... does that sound pretentious!?! You've got me thinking...

  2. I know it's completely different to my illustration work, but I think that's why I enjoy it so much. I can just sit there and not think about anything else, it's quite therapeutic in a way :)
    And no you don't sound pretentious! I enjoyed the white spaces too and need to do this more in my picture book work I reckon...