Sunday, 31 October 2010

San Francisco pics

We got back from our fantastic 2 week break in California on Tuesday. I'm just about recovering from jet lag, but can't seem to adjust to the sudden drop in temperature...London feels so very cold, brr!
San Francisco was brilliant, a charming city full of diversity, culture and surprise. We walked a lot (up and down hills in the scorching sun and in the pouring rain), ate a lot (big portions of dim sum, Mexican, Japanese and American food) and saw a lot :D 
One of the places we visited was the brilliant Musée Mecanique on Fisherman's Wharf, a big warehouse full of antique arcade machines...oooh fun fun fun!


  1. "Relieves tired aching feet" - I wonder where you'd get a machine like that? They sound useful :P

    Sounds like you had great fun, I'd like to visit the US one day :)

  2. We sure needed it after our daily wanderings all over the city!