Friday, 1 November 2013

quack quack

With the days getting colder and darker, I've been enjoying knitting lately. 
These duck mittens are my latest creation - an attempt to get my boy to wear gloves during these cold months. He can be quite the fuss pot, refusing to wear certain things for mysterious reasons -  gloves being one of them. He'd happily wear socks on his hands but as soon as I show him a pair of gloves, he starts running awaaaay.
He is convinced he is a duck, quacking away whilst playing, so I thought a pair of duck mittens might bring him around. 

I think he likes them, but oh boy, is it hard to get him to wear them and pose for a picture! Bribes with biscuits just about did the trick ;)

Hopefully I will have a bunch of knitted and handmade goodies in my Etsy shop soon...

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