Wednesday, 4 December 2013

walking his majesty

Oki was never an easy napper. I had to walk for hours to get him to fall asleep, even though he was really tired. My average was 2-3 hours, although I think my record was 5 hours, ridiculous! He didn't like me to stop walking either, even when he was asleep. Or step into a shop. Or stop to chat to a friend. He wasn't fooled by the rocking. He always knew and would wake up crying. I envied those mums having a drink and a chat, a meal even, with their friends at cafes, whilst their baby slept peacefully in the buggy. That was a complete alien concept for me. From the day he was born, Oki made us work super hard to get him to fall asleep, and rewarded us with non-stop crying until he did. He's a bit better these days, but since we moved him into a big boy's bed, it's back to square one...sigh...


  1. Oh, I feel your pain! I can relate all too well to the unrelenting creative battle to encourage sleep in a small sleep resistant child! I know nothing anyone says helps and unsolicited advice is the worst so all I will say is thank you for sharing your sleep struggle in a such a funny and relatable way. (Those cafe mums may have had their coffee, but we get great calf muscles from all the walking!)

  2. thats brilliant Mique, very nicely put!! I hope you can sneak in a flask of warm mulled wine on your walks as the blizzards approach! maybe a sip for the majesty too!! jxxx

    1. now there's an idea...keep me nice n toasty :)