Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Paperchase cards

A lovely surprise package awaited me at the post office the other day - my complimentary pack of cards from Paperchase, hooray! I'd not seen the whole range yet, and felt like a bit of a weirdo just hanging around the various Paperchase stores trying to find my own cards so was very pleased to finally receive them all.
There's 2 versions of the yellow bear card, the other is a Father's Birthday card.
It's a whole mixture of my work; some old, some new, some personal, some created specifically for this range...
You may recognise the pair of walking legs and shadows, and heads looking up at the birds belong to me and my boy :)

My big big thanks to Sue and Jehane from Yellow House Art Licensing, and to Caroline, Tamlyn and Alison at Arena!


  1. they're lovely! i've spotted a few at my local Paperchase, nice to see the whole range.