Friday, 19 September 2014

Early words

Here's a selection of my boy's early words. 
I'm not sure what his first word was. I remember him saying "happa" (leaf) at his first birthday party, but he'd been mimicking quite a few words by then. One of his favourite words was "wheel" which he'd say repeatedly with a massive smile on his face. And then there were words that he couldn't quite get right, like:
Capupum = Caterpiller
Kwaawaa = Cucumber 
Kumuya = Kuruma (car)
Kee = Cheese

I wanted to make a record of these to make sure I don't forget. You think you'd remember everything but brain has other ideas after being sleep deprived for over 3 years...

What I do remember is my fascination and amazement at how a very young mind starts to get to grips with communication and language. It still amazes me today as my boy becomes more articulate, picking up all kinds of expressions and making connections between 2 languages, mixing it all up and creating his own.

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