Friday, 10 October 2014

The wino sees it all

A few weeks back I was traveling on the overground. At 32 weeks, I'd say I'd passed the point where I looked a bit chubby and definitely looked well pregnant. I could not believe the lack of eye contact. Everyone was totally engrossed in their own little world in the palm of their hand or the rubbish free paper to look up to see who was around them. No matter how good my book is or where I am in my knitting, I always make a point of looking up at each stop to see if there might be someone who needs a seat more than me, but not this bloody lot. Most of them young, some only traveling 3 stops or so but boy were they in a rush to grab a free seat if they spotted one, pushing past me to get to it. Unbelievable!!

It's not that different on the tube either. There have been times I've traveled with my boy and big belly on a super hot day, carrying a back pack and a couple of bags of shopping, but absolutely nothing. I don't know whether people genuinely don't see me or just don't care, but I can't believe no one offers a seat. The worst ones are the ones who see you but pretend they haven't. Is this how things are now? 

The wino on the bus, on the other hand, does see it all. He was explaining at the top of his voice about his plans to make wine in the big plastic barrel he hoisted up onto the bus, then gradually worked his way around the whole bus shouting at everyone, but mostly chatting up the girls until he spotted me and shouted "Hey, who gave you baby?"