Monday, 14 March 2016


Hello hello!
To celebrate the start of Spring and the US release of "FRESH DELICIOUS - Poems from the Farmers' Market" (words by Irene Latham, pictures by me), I'm doing a BOOK & POSTER GIVEAWAY! The poster is roughly 43cmx61cm and has an Educator's Guide printed on the back. (Thank you Wordsong for these!)

To enter, simply answer this question, here on my blog or over on my Facebook page

***If you could be a fruit or a vegetable for one day, what would you be and why?***

A winner will be picked at random on Monday 21st March 2016.
Good luck!

By the way, I answered some questions for Irene Latham - a little glimpse into the making of the pictures for FRESH DELICIOUS - which you can find on her lovely blog here.


  1. I'd be a tomato, they always look happy to me! (maybe I'm a bit odd!)

    1. They look happy to me too, with big rosy cheeks :)