Friday, 23 December 2016

Bon Voyage!

In my late twenties, I went backpacking around South East Alaska and a little bit of the Yukon Territory for a month or so. I look back on that time very fondly and often think of the kind, funny, warm and slightly eccentric (!) people I met on my travels. 

One friend I made and stayed in touch with was a lovely funny Japanese girl who was working at one of the hostels I stayed in. In her last letter about a year ago she told me she got married, and although I'd been meaning to write and find something special to send to her, I'm ashamed to say a whole year has passed by without me being able to do so - terrible!! So in the past week I decided to sew a couple of toys for them -  a silly present to hopefully make them smile and detract from my ineptitude! Fingers crossed these toys will travel safely and join them in their happy home :) Bon voyage!

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