Friday, 22 December 2017

Late night printing club

Thanks to my mum, we have acquired a small table-top printing press!! Like most exciting arty things we own, it has been stored away for ages gathering dust whilst the children take up most of the space in the house with their STUFF.

Each year I try to create a new illustration which I send off to get printed as Christmas cards but this month has been crazy busy so I've not managed to find any time. Instead, I thought I'd dig out the printing press and try a simple lino-cut as an experiment to get to know our new piece of equipment. 

The only space we can set it up is in the little spare room next to the boys' bedroom, which meant that I had to do some super stealthy late night printing. It was tricky but I managed to do it without waking the boys or leaving a big inky mess on the spare bed, phew!

I'm looking forward to more experimenting in the New Year :)

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