Saturday, 12 September 2009


Here's another piece I did for Gemma's Flickr group What I wore today, in between working on the picture book spreads.
I've finished one spread - just 27 to go, hurrah!
I will post the spreads from the book soon.

For my picture book work, I realised I spend a LOT of time trying to decide what the characters will wear. Hours, sometimes days disappear just trying out different outfits for all the children. I can be really indecisive sometimes...
In real life, I spend much less time deciding what I will wear as I am mostly at home. I am a bit of a slob. So yesterday was pretty exciting as I wore 3 different outfits in 1 day! I left the flat for the first time in 5 days to go to my part-time job. Yes, I still have a crappy part-time job. The pay is poo, it's not particularly demanding and there are lots of silly rules that annoy and frustrate me, but it gets me out the house, I get to see lots of lovely people and films for free :) I can't be a hermit all the time. It also makes me appreciate the freedom I have in being a self employed illustrator. No uniforms, no rules, no one to answer to and cups of tea, coffee and treats whenever I like :)))


  1. Ooh, five days inside is not good. I don't often have a full day indoors anymore but I used to get runs of several at a time and it's really not good for you, although the sparkling beauty of ordinary everydayness when you do finally get out again is some consolation. "Oh look, a tree! How beautiful! Oh look, a traffic warden! Some dog poo! Amazing!"

    So anyway, this part-time job then - are you an usherette somewhere?

    Pictures are gorgeous, as ever. Well done. And good luck with the rest of them.

  2. So true about appreciating the ordinary after being locked indoors for so long. I notice noise and air, and just the fact that I am walking makes me excited and happy! I'm not completely cooped up though - I do step out as far as the corner shop and the cafe opposite my flat, but that's only about a 100 step radius. It's a shame opening fridge doors and switching on the kettle doesn't count as exercise!

  3. Hello Mique, great new work! i love the work you did in the squat so have written a little something on Chocolate Creative about you. Hope you like it, xx Kate

  4. Hi Mique
    I'm up to eyes with a deadline at the moment. I have been wading through around 40 illo's. Need to get quite a few done this week or I'll be in trouble.

    Your work is looking great as ever.