Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Rubbish, rejects and bits

I find leftovers and rejects quite interesting. I once gathered some bits of paper from the floor, and instead of throwing them away in the bin, I stuck them down and this is what happened (above).

Here are some bits I found going through the mess on my desk.
I can cut really tiny circles! I'm sure it will be much easier to draw or paint eyes for my characters, but no, I have to do it the ridiculously fiddly way.
There are also some glasses, boy's hair, a ponytail and a bird's leg.

With each project, there are always lots of bits that don't make the picture. I sometimes use these rejects to create a totally new picture.

One of my Bologna pieces from last year evolved from all the rejected paper mice heads from a previous picture book project. Can you spot them?

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