Sunday, 9 June 2013


I've been invited to take part in a fantastic group exhibition at the 14th Moon Gallery in Osaka, Japan, called 「手から手へ」"from Hand to Hand". It will be on from Monday 17th June - Tuesday 25th June (closed on Sunday). 

Following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, a group of Japanese illustrators decided to organise this exhibition, asking the question: "What will our future be after the tsunami catastrophe and nuclear disaster?". Numerous galleries across Europe and Japan have been taking part, each gallery with its own theme. 
Our theme is "Standing", and here is my piece for it, titled "Linger".
Below is the postcard for the 14th Moon Gallery.
You can find more information about the whole exhibition here.


  1. A beautiful, lonely image. I even enlarge it to try and see the image in the top right.

  2. Thanks Olu!! A little unusual for me to leave so much space, as I tend to fill a picture with lots of things. I should try and do it more...