Thursday, 27 June 2013

working side by side with my boy :)

Sometimes, work I thought was finished the night before looks different in the morning. It must be something to do with the light, or looking through fresh-ish (let's face, it, they're never fresh these days...) eyes.
So in a bit of a panic, I had to make some last minute tweaks - nothing unusual here, except this time round, I had to do it whilst keeping my little boy amused enough to give me some time and space...HA! What a challenge!

I decided it was best to keep him strapped in his highchair, and gave him some stickers and pencils, showing him how to make trains and he was off! Just long enough for me to apply a few blobs of paint and cut and paste like crazy. For a few minutes it felt really nice to be sitting side by side, making things together :) Until Oki got bored/frustrated/lazy and demanded "Mummy do it". It was good while it lasted...any more tips anyone?

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