Saturday, 31 August 2013

In this place, In this time

Exciting news!
My partner Sam is showcasing his most recent series of work; challenging the perception of time by recreating beautiful clocks. We've been living with these clocks for the past few months, and they have continued to surprise and delight with each passing minute and hour. There is something very beautiful and engaging about their rhythmic movement and sound, creating abstract patterns and lovely colour combinations.

His work can be seen at The Crypt Gallery in Euston, as part of a group exhibition titled "In This Place, In This Time".

My mum, Aki Moriuchi is another one of the 5 artists exhibiting their works in this unusual underground space. It will be her first exhibition since retiring from ceramics in 2007.

We will be there with our little boy tomorrow (Sunday) so please pop in and say Hi!

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