Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I've been reading a Mexican folktale to Oki, about a Coyote and a Rabbit. At the end of the book there is a glossary of Spanish sentences, which I've been reading as well. It seems someone has been taking all this in, as he completed a sentence I was struggling to remember. I couldn't believe it! Admittedly, the pronunciation is probably all wrong as I have no idea how to speak Spanish :P

I try to get Oki to translate Japanese into English often. We helped a blind man across the road one day, and later on I asked Oki to tell his Daddy about it. He doesn't know the word "blind", so was hesitating and thinking awhile before he said "the can't see people". It was interesting to see what words he'd choose out of his vocabulary to try and explain something.

It's fascinating stuff, the beginnings of language and a toddler's mind. I'm constantly amazed by how much he's absorbing. My tired old brain just can't retain that much information anymore. It's a struggle enough to remember what day it is.


  1. children are amazing! I think you are offering your son a gift to learn so many languages. When we were sending our 5 children to school in America, 1986-2008, no one was able to master a 2nd language, but today, after finishing college, I have the younger 3 sons teaching English and living abroad. Your illustrations are charming and make me smile....I have four grandsons now to always buy happy books for. Holly

    1. Hello Holly! Lovely to hear from you and thank you for your sweet words :) Wow, 5 children...they must have kept you busy and entertained!
      Having spent most of my life in the UK I'm more comfortable speaking in English, so it's a real education for me too, to speak in Japanese with my boy every day. He has picked up my slang and slightly odd accent as well though, oops!