Saturday, 20 March 2010


I received the postcards for the exhibition at 14th Moon Gallery, so here it is!
I'm still working on the pieces, with only a few days to go!!! I've finished about 12 canvases so far, but still have a lot more I'd like to include in the exhibition. It's one of the hardest things knowing when a painting is finished, knowing when to stop! Sometimes I over work things and when it's real painting, there isn't a history button where you can retrace your steps like in photoshop.

I owe many thanks, as always, to my partner, and my mother for all their honest critique, advice and encouragement, and for convincing me that a painting is finished! It's easy to become lost and obsessive in your own little bubble. My bubble is very small and messy, and I can't wait to escape it and join the outside world when this is all over!!

I'll post some more pics of my finished paintings soon...

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