Sunday, 28 March 2010


Here are the postcards I ordered through My photos are bad, but the prints came out pretty good, so I am pleased :) I've ordered some more, with 3 additional paintings - I'm not sure whether these will arrive in time to send to the exhibition...cutting it fine, as per usual!
I might add these postcards on my etsy shop soon. I've still got my Christmas cards on there...oh dear, I need to update!


  1. They look adorable! Postcards are really nice for little souvenirs or gifts. ^^

    (Also I've been searching for good sites for business cards ... I figured it'd be something nice to have alongside my work for my college's exhibition this June. MOO looks pretty awesome. :D)

  2. MOO are great if you want lots of different images printed at the same time, rather than 1000 cards of the same image. It's good for indecisive people like me! And it's good if you don't want to commit to a huge print run.
    But they are in quite small batches, so cost-wise, I imagine you can find places that are much cheaper if you wanted to print loads.
    The business cards with Moo come in a nice black box, which might be quite handy for things like shows.