Monday, 15 March 2010

sneak peek

Here is a sneaky preview of a couple of paintings I have finished.
They are from a set of (hopefully) 12 smallish - 25cmx30cm - canvases, inspired by stories and poems by Aman Kimiko and Niimi Nankichi.
This set is nearly nearly finished so I'm going to leave them for a bit, and tackle the larger canvases. I've only got a couple of weeks to go before I have to send all the artwork off...not sure how I will cope! I'm saying goodbye to sleep, the outside world and my sanity!
So much to do and so little time. I keep on finding lists everywhere - illegible frantic scribbles on bits of paper, envelopes, napkins, anything I can get my hands on. I can't wait to cross everything off!!


  1. Ahhh! you love lists too! Gives you that pink fluffy feeling when you cross or tick stuff off!?! The painting look great - collage, acrylic? Stay strong.

  2. I was recommended to take a look at your work after having an interview for Illustration at NUCA earlier in the week, and I think your art is amazing! I really love your use of texture and colour. :D

  3. Thanks polyrhythm :)
    I hope the interview went well, good luck!!