Thursday, 30 May 2013


Oki is funny when he's just woken up. Even though he's still half asleep, he talks and talks excitedly, half of it gibberish (a bit like his mother and father first thing in the morning), but always amusing!
The other day, he woke from his nap to tell me that him and his ducky toy Linford were going to look for pine cones in the woods, wearing hats. 「どんなぼうし?」"What kind of hat?" I asked him, to which he replied "Red one. Linford and Oki and mummy and daddy, wearing red hats, looking for pine cones." 「赤いの。LinfordとOkiとママとdaddyと赤い帽子かぶってまつぼっくり探しにいこ。」
I couldn't resist drawing the image he painted in my mind...a family portrait of sorts :)