Saturday, 25 May 2013

the weekend after

We picked up our plates today, hooray! I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and I think Oki enjoyed eating his lunch off his brand new steeeeeam train plate. So much fun exploring new territory :)

Here is a felt bag I sewed for my friends' little girl who will be turning two in a couple of days. Hopefully they are too busy preparing for her birthday party to be checking in here, so it'll still be a surprise when she unwraps it tomorrow, hee hee!


  1. Hi Mique, thank you so much for this - Ellie loves her 'tree bag!'! we went to ashdown forest for her actual bday and found winnie the pooh bridge and played pooh-sticks for ages, and the bag was perfect for holding all the sticks we found along the way!! Was great to see you all and am soooo impressed how much work you managed to get through!! gambare!!! jxxx

  2. So happy that Ellie likes her bag :D Her birthday day out sounds LOVELY! I read Oki some Pooh books that I've kept from my childhood and he seemed to enjoy them straightaway singing "Tiddley pom"! Hope you're all well xx