Thursday, 30 May 2013


Oki points to things all the time. "LOOK!" 「見て〜!」
Everything is so exciting and new to him. He loves being outdoors and is fascinated by pine cones and worms. Unfortunately, I HATE worms. I can't even bear to look at them. BUT I am trying to overcome my irrational and rather pathetic fear for the sake of my boy. He likes it when daddy lifts up the decking in our garden to reveal all the creepy crawlies hiding underneath. I had to brave it the other day when daddy was at work, and donned a pair of rubber gloves to lift up the plank of wood. Funny how the gloves make me feel invincible, although inside I was still a bit of a nervous wreck >_<

He makes funny observations too, that little boy.
Looking at a duck walking on the ground, he shouted, "Look, he's not wearing any socks!". 
Another day in the park, he shouted, "Look, he's eating a plate!" pointing to a dog with a frisbee in its mouth.
Each day is a new discovery :)


  1. Ha! Ha! I love worms, I pick them up and put them on the grass when I find them on the pavement after it rains! But I'm terrified of butterflies and moths. I'm determined that Temi isn't so I'm having to be brave this summer!

  2. eeeuuuuuu I don't think I can ever pick them up, even with my invincible rubber gloves! >_< Strange you're scared of butterflies. I can understand moths, as they're all dusty and weird. Yes, brave faces on for our boys!