Thursday, 9 May 2013

Duck whisperer

A strange and wonderful thing happened the other day. My boy was poorly. He was sick on me (yes, on me) in the morning and wasn't quite his usual chirpy self. He loves being outdoors so we went outside in the garden, when we heard a loud flapping sound above our heads. 

A couple of ducks had landed in our garden!! 

They went about their business as if it was the most normal thing in the world, quacking away, wondering about on the grass, then up onto the decking. I fetched some bread which they polished off, then Mrs Duck took a few sips of my coffee from my cup, quacked to Mr Duck for a bit and then they flew off!

It was such a surreal scene and it felt really special, like they had come over especially to pay our poorly little boy a visit.

Soon after, we went back indoors and my boy was sick on me (yes, on me) again, but he was all fine the next day, and all that was left was the happy memory of the ducks' visit :)

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